MegaSquirt Plug and Play for mazda 323 med BP-motor :-D

Teknisk diskusjon, spørsmål og informasjon om de forskjellige typer datasprut
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MegaSquirt Plug and Play for mazda 323 med BP-motor :-D

Post by GTX-Lars » Thu 01 Oct 2009, 17:41

Tenkte eg skal reklamere litt for sprutet eg har kjøpt til GTX’n. Det er eit av nokre forskjellige plug and play MegaSquirt sprut som Automotive Control Solutions har lagd for BP plattformen. Det vil sei at viss ein har ein 323 med BP motor så kan dette erstattast med den hjernen som er i bilen. Såvidt eg veit så passer dette på alle 323 med BP-motor.

Den versjonen eg kjøpte (option 4 & 5) gjorde at eg kunne fjerne LMM og har 4bar MAP-sensor. Det tok meg ein kveld å koble det opp. Lenger nede står dei alternativa han lager.

Kjøpte det av Lex på protege-forumet. Link til sida:

Her er det som står:
Hi folks, here is the long-awaited true Plug and Play (PNP) Megasquirt system for the FWD BP platform.

First of all, a good thread to read about this unit is located here:

In a nutshell, this PNP MS unit will allow you to completely remove the stock computer and replace it with a fully tunable ECU while not making any modification to your stock wiring harness. This means that you can install a standalone in less than 30 minutes and you can fully revert to your stock computer if need be in less time than that!

All of our units have the following features:

- Compatible with the following vehicles: 90-94 Mazda 323/Protege regardless of engine. 91-94 Escort GT, 90-94 Mazda GTX/GTR, BP powered Mazda MX-3. There may be others, ask me about a particular configuration.
- Fully programmable MSI ECU on the latest V3.0 PCB
- Full fueling and ignition timing control for up to 21 psi of boost
- Everything setup for you so that there is no fiddling with settings in Megatune or on the MS itself
- Pre-programmed fuel and ignition maps for the BP motor
- DB9 serial cable for connecting to your tuning laptop
- 5 feet of vacuum hose to connect the MS to your intake manifold
- CD including color instructions, base maps, tuning software, logging software
- Unit is professionally built and tested prior to shipping
- The only modifications needed to run the car on the MS is to unplug your stock ECU, plug in the MS, run a vacuum line for the map sensor and turn the key!
- Warranty against defects for 3 months from time of purchase
- Full product support until the car starts
- The MS units can later be upgraded to fit larger MAP sensors, MSII CPUs, Boost Control, Flat Shift, etc.

Here is the cost breakdown. We are initially offering 4 different configurations. These units all come with the features mentioned above. Right now there are 2 add-ons that will be available on the PNP MS; but more will be added down the line depending on demand. The units with just these two options will serve most people.

Option 1: MSI Unit (P/N:MSI_VAF)

- This unit leaves the VAF in your vehicle. Absolutely no wiring or setup changes are needed. Just plug in, tune, and drive.
- Price: 480USD + shipping.

Option 2: MSI Unit without VAF (P/N: MSI_NOVAF)

- This unit removes of the VAF. This is a must for turbo people. You will need to add a bung (included) to your charge piping to install the IAT sensor. All hardware is included.
- Please mention if you need a steel or aluminium bung,
- Price: 530USD + shipping

Option 3: MSI Unit with Idle Air Control (P/N:MSI_VAF_IDLE)

- This unit leaves the VAF in place but adds the functionality of the electronic idle air control valve. Car runs fine without the valve, but it starts better and idles more consistently with the valve connected.
- Price: 500USD + shipping

Option 4: MSI Unit without VAF and with Idle Air Control (P/N: MSI_NOVAF_IDLE)

- This unit removes the VAF as described in Option 2 and adds the idle air control functionality as described in Option 3.
- Price: 550USD + shipping

Option 5: Add a 4 bar MAP sensor to any MSI unit (P/N: MSI_XXX_4BAR)

- The stock MS MAP sensor is 2.5 bar and will take you to 21 psi safely. However, if you plan on running more boost, you will need a different sensor. The 4 bar MAP sensor is installed in your MS box and it will read up to 43 psi of boost.
- Price: Add 80USD to the price of any of the kits

Option 6: Add the flat shift/launch control feature to any MSI unit (P/N: MSI_XXX_FLATSHIFT)

- This is a great little feature where you can setup your MS to pull timing in order to keep the RPM at a certain predefined level when your foot is on the clutch. This allows for no lift (flat) shifting and launch control which is nice to have at the track.
- Price: Add 20USD to the price of any of the kits.

*** NEW: Option 7: Add a VICS (or multifunction ground) switch to any MSI unit (P/N: MSI_XXX_GNDSWITCH)***

- For all you NA guys wanting to turn VICS on at ANY RPM this is the option for you. It doesn't stop at that. This switch can be triggered by any of the inputs and calculated variables available to the MS. This means you can trigger it based on RPM, coolant temp, air temp, boost, O2 output, injector pulsewidth etc. You can turn on a relay with this switch which can operate your fan, intercooler sprayer, water injection, shift light etc. This is generally known as a low side driver and it really is that versatile.
- Price: Add 20USD to the price of any of the kits.


To order, please PM me or contact me at Please mention what vehicle you have, and give the part number of the unit you are buying. Payment can be through Paypal or by international money order. If paying via Paypal, 3% must be added to the total including shipping. Once the funds have been received, we will order the parts and build your unit. From the time the funds are received, expect it to take 2-3 weeks before the unit is shipped out. I will keep all customers informed if any circumstances delay an order.


Shipping is a flat 25USD including 500USD insurance to anywhere in the US or Canada. I can ship anywhere in the world but the cost must be recalculated if it's outside of Canada or the US. The units will ship out of Canada.

As always, I am dedicated to quality and integrity and will ensure every customer is treated fairly and respectfully and receives a quality product.

Thank you,
Alex Gutica
Automotive Control Solutions
90 Mazda 323 GTX
82 Porsche 928S

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Re: MegaSquirt Plug and Play for mazda 323 med BP-motor :-D

Post by ArildM » Mon 09 Jan 2012, 19:50

Takk for info, bokmerke! Dette skal sterkt vurderes :)
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